Technical Support

We pride ourselves with five certified ACCPAC Consultants who have rich experience in project completion of varied projects that we have done across East Africa. Further to that we have eight developers fully focusing on customer enhancements as far as the requirements are concerned.

Support Services

ACCFIN (E.A) LIMITED has three levels of support:

Online support
ACCFIN family takes seriously the need for technical team of Our Clients to be competently trained for the purposes of giving first hand support to direct users; we enhance this through an online support using the following available messengers:

  1. Email Services
  2. Skype Support, should have earphones for verbal communication
  3. Msn & Yahoo Messenger (which comes with free PC to PC calls)
  4. Citrix go to meeting connection that would enable us to see your server operations.
  5. Team Viewer licensing for our clients is eminent to beat traffic and loss of time, reducing down time in instances where urgent attention of required.
  6. Ace project area for all our clients for ease of accessibility of Data when there is need

We need to mention that we have a help desk for our client’s agent attention; we keep log of errors and solutions and we post them to your project area for reference.

On phone support
We offer quick solutions to client’s inquiries through our help desk support all hours of business days.

On phone support
In the most unlikely event that the key trained personnel of Our Client are not able to sort out the issues raised, there and then the respective Consultant from ACCFIN East Africa shall be sent on site.

It is good to note that this would happen on very rare occasions since once ACCPAC has been correctly configured, it doesn’t warrant a repeat.
Please note that we shall have a team dedicated to A project from inception of the project to post implementation period, thus follow up on issues shall be very easy and flexible.

Our Consultants are competent and have been trained to give excellent Customer care and personalized support.